Idolatry Brings Destruction (Day 19)

Read Jeremiah 10:1-16
   Most people would like to know the future. Decisions would be easier, failures would be avoided, and successes would be assured. The people of Judah wanted to know the future, too, and they tried to discern it through reading the signs in the sky. God made the earth and the heavens, including stars that people, even today, consult and worship. No one will discover the future in man-made charts of God’s stars. But God promises to guide you, knows your future and will be with you all the way. He will not reveal your future to you, but He will walk with you as the future unfolds. Don’t trust the stars; trust the one who created the stars. 
   Those who put their trust in a chunk of wood, even though it is carved well and looks beautiful, are foolish. The simplest person who worships God is wiser than the wisest person who worships a worthless substitute, because this person has discerned who God really is. In what or whom do you place your trust? 
   Tarshish was located at the westward limit of the ancient world, perhaps in what is now modern day Spain (Jonah 1). It was a source of silver, tin, lead, and iron for Tyre (Ezekiel 27). The location of Uphaz is unknown. It may be a metallurgical term for “gold refiners.” No matter how well made or how beautiful idols are, they can never have the power and life of the true and living God.