Israel Rejects the Lord’s Way (Day 13)

Read Jeremiah 6:16-30
   The right path for living is ancient and has been marked out by God. But the people refused to take God’s path, going their own way instead. We face the same decision today: going God’s old but true way, or following a new path of our own choosing. Don’t be misled. The only way to find peace and rest for your souls is to walk on God’s path. 
   Metal is purified by fire. As it is heated, impurities are burned away and only the pure metal remains. As God tested the people of Judah, however, He could find no purity in their lives. They continued in their sinful ways. Do you see the impurities in your life that should be burned away? Confess these to God and allow Him to purify you as He sees fit. Take time right now to reflect on the areas of your life that He has already refined; then thank Him for what He is doing.