Enjoy our daily devotionals written by Pastor Randy Dubois. These devotionals can be used as another way to grow in your walk with Jesus and to grow in your understanding of God and His Word.



Paul’s Confidence is in God (Day 33)

Read 2 Corinthians 3:1-6
   Some false teachers had started carrying forged letters of recommendation to authenticate their authority. In no uncertain terms, Paul stated that he needed no such letters. The believers to whom Paul and his companions had preached were enough of a recommendation. Paul did use letters of introduction, however, many times. He wrote them on behalf of Phoebe (Romans 16) and Timothy (1 Corinthians 16). These letters helped Paul’s trusted companions and friends find a welcome in various churches. 


Life in the Spirit (Day 17)

Read Romans 8:1-17
   “Not guilty; let him/her go free.” What would those words mean to you if you were on death row? The fact is that the whole human race is on death row, justly condemned for repeatedly breaking God’s holy law. Without Jesus we would have no hope at all. But thank God! He has declared us not guilty and has offered us freedom from sin and power to do His will. 


Mark: A Walk With Our Savior (Day 53)

Read Mark 12:28-34
   By Jesus’ time, the Jews had accumulated hundreds of laws. Some religious leaders tried to distinguish between major and minor laws, and some taught that all laws were equally binding and that it was dangerous to make any distinctions. This teacher’s question could have provoked controversy among these groups, but Jesus’ answer summarized all of God’s laws. 
   God’s laws are not burdensome. They can be reduced to two simple principles: Love God and love others. These commands are from the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 6; Leviticus 19). When you love God completely and care for others as you care for yourself, then you have fulfilled the intent of the Ten Commandments and the other Old Testament laws. According to Jesus, these two commandments summarize all God’s laws. Let them rule your thoughts, decisions, and actions. When you are uncertain about what to do, ask yourself which course of action best demonstrates love for God and love for others. 
   This man had grasped the intent of God’s law as it is so often stressed in the Old Testament: that true obedience comes from the heart. Because all the Old Testament commands lead to Christ, his next step was faith in Jesus, Himself. This, however, was the most difficult step to take.