Enjoy our daily devotionals written by Pastor Randy Dubois. These devotionals can be used as another way to grow in your walk with Jesus and to grow in your understanding of God and His Word.



Spiritual Gifts (Day 17)

Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
   Anyone can claim to speak for God, and the world is full of false teachers. Paul gives us a test to help us discern whether or not a messenger is really from God: Does he or she confess Christ as Lord? Don’t naively accept the words of all who claim to speak for God; test their credentials by finding out what they teach about Christ. 


Greetings From Paul (Day 1)

Read Romans 1:1-7
   Paul wrote this letter to the church in Rome. Neither he nor the other church leaders, James and Peter, had yet been to Rome. Most likely, the Roman church had been established by believers who had been at Jerusalem for Pentecost (Acts 2) and by travelers who had heard the Gospel in other places and had brought it back to Rome. Paul wrote the letter to the Romans during his ministry in Corinth to encourage the believers and to express his desire to visit them someday. The Roman church had no New Testament because the Gospels were not yet being circulated in their final written form. Thus, this letter may well have been the first piece of Christian literature the Roman believers had seen. Written to both Jewish and Gentile Christians, the letter to the Romans is a systematic presentation of the Christian faith. 


Mark: A Walk With Our Savior (Day 37)

Read Mark 9:33-37
   The disciples, caught up in their constant struggle for personal success, were embarrassed to answer Jesus’ question. It is always painful to compare our motives with Christ’s. it is not wrong for believers to be industrious or ambitious. But when ambition pushes obedience and service to one side, it becomes sin. Pride or insecurity can cause us to overvalue position and prestige. In God’s kingdom, such motives are destructive. The only safe ambition is directed toward Christ’s kingdom, not our own advancement. 

   Jesus taught the disciples to welcome little children. This was a new approach in a society where children were usually treated as second-class citizens. It is important not only to treat children well but also to teach them about Jesus. Children’s ministries should never be regarded as less important than those for adults.