Enjoy our daily devotionals written by Pastor Randy Dubois. These devotionals can be used as another way to grow in your walk with Jesus and to grow in your understanding of God and His Word.



Order at the Lord’s Supper (Day 16)

Read 1 Corinthians 11:17-34
   Paul acknowledges that there are differences among church members. When they develop into self-willed divisions, however, they are destructive to the congregation. Those who cause division only serve to highlight those who are genuine believers. 


Mark: A Walk With Our Savior (Day 36)

Read Mark 9:30-32
   At times, Jesus limited His public ministry in order to train His disciples in depth. He knew the importance of equipping them to carry on when He returned to heaven. It takes time to learn. Spiritual growth isn’t instant, regardless of the quality of experience or teaching. If even the disciples needed to lay aside their work periodically in order to learn from the Master, how much more do we need to alternate working and learning. 
   Why were the disciples afraid to ask Jesus about His prediction of His death? Perhaps it was because the last time they reacted to Jesus’ sobering words they were scolded. In their minds, Jesus seemed morbidly preoccupied with death. Actually it was the disciples who were wrongly preoccupied: constantly thinking about the Kingdom they hoped Jesus would bring and their positions in it. If Jesus died, the Kingdom as they imagined it could not come. Consequently they preferred not to ask Him about His predictions.