A Message About Moab (Day 70)

Read Jeremiah 48:1-47
   The Moabites were descendants of Lot through an incestuous relationship with one of his daughters (Genesis 19). They led the Israelites into idolatry (Numbers 25) and joined the bands of raiders Nebuchadnezzar sent into Judah in 602 B.C. They were later conquered by Babylon and disappeared as a nation. 
   Chemosh was the main god of the nation of Moab (Numbers 21), and child sacrifice was an important part of his worship (2 Kings 3). 
Moab was compared to the making of wine. When making wine, the grapes were crushed. After 40 days, the wine was poured off from the dregs in the bottom of the jar. If this was not done, the wine would be inferior. Jeremiah was saying that because of Moab’s complacency and refusal to do God’s work, Moab would be totally destroyed. 
   Moab was condemned for its pride. God cannot tolerate pride because pride is taking personal credit for what God has done or looking down on others. God does not condemn our taking satisfaction in what we do (Ecclesiastes 3), but He stands against overestimates of our own importance. Paul teaches us to have an honest estimate of ourselves (Romans 12). 
   Verse 31 teaches us that God’s compassion reaches to all creation; even to His enemies.