Call to Repentance (Day 5)

Read Jeremiah 3:1-5
   This law, found in Deuteronomy 24, says that a divorced woman who remarries can never be reunited with her first husband. Judah divorced God and married other gods. God had every right to permanently disown His wayward people, but in His mercy He was willing to take them back again. 
   Like a nomad in the desert, Judah ran to idolatry as a thief might hide and wait to plunder a passing caravan. It became a national preoccupation. 
   In spite of their great sin, the people of Israel continued to talk like they were God’s children. The only way they could do this was to minimize their sin. When we know we’ve done something wrong, we want to down play the error and relieve some of the guilt we feel. As we minimize our sinfulness, we naturally shy away from making changes, and so we keep sinning. But if we view every wrong attitude and action as a serious offense against God, we will begin to understand what living for God is all about. Is their any sin in your life that you’ve written off as too small to worry about? God says that we must confess and turn away from every sin.