Jesus Agonizes In The Garden (Day 60)

Read Mark 14:27-42
   It is easy to think that Satan temporarily gained the upper hand in Jesus’ death. But we see later that God was in control, even in the death of His Son. Satan gained no victory: everything occurred exactly as God had planned.  

   While praying, Jesus was aware of what doing the Father’s will would cost Him. He understood the suffering he was about to encounter, and He did not want to have to endure the horrible experience. But Jesus prayed, “Yet, not my will, but your will be done.” Anything worth having costs something. What does your commitment to God cost you? We must be willing to pay whatever the price to gain what is priceless: eternal life. 
   Was Jesus trying to get out of this task? Jesus expressed His true feelings, but He did not deny or rebel against God’s will. He reaffirmed His desire to do what God wanted. Jesus’ prayer highlights the terrible suffering He had to endure: an agony so much more magnified because He had to take the sins of the whole world. This cup was the agony of alienation from God the Father at the cross (Hebrews 5). The sinless Son of God took on our sins and was separated for a while from God so that we could be eternally saved. 
   In times of great stress, we are vulnerable to temptation, even if we have a willing spirit. Jesus gave us an example of what to do to resist: 1) Pray to God; 2) seek support of friends and loved ones; 3) focus on the purpose God has given us.