Living to Please Others (Day 30)

Read Romans 15:1-13
   If we merely set out to please our neighbors, we will be people pleasers. Paul was opposed to that (Galatians 1). We are to set aside willfulness and self-pleasing actions for the sake of building others up. Our Christian convictions must not be a disguise for coldhearted treatment of our brothers and sisters. 
   The knowledge of the Scriptures affects our attitude toward the present and the future. The more we know about what God has done in years past, the greater the confidence we have about what He will do in the days ahead. We need to diligently read our Bibles so we may have confidence that God’s will is best for us. 
   Just as we take Jesus’ view on the authority of Scripture, the nature of heaven, and the resurrection, we are to have His attitude of love toward other Christians as well. As we grow in faith and come to know Jesus better, we will become more capable of maintaining this attitude of loving unity throughout each day (Philippians 2).