Messages About Ammon and Edom (Day 71)

Read Jeremiah 49:1-22
   The Ammonites were descendants of Lot through an incestuous relationship with one of his daughters, as were the Moabites (Genesis 19). They were condemned for stealing land from God’s people and for worshiping the idol Molech, to whom they made child sacrifices. 
   The Israelites descended from Jacob, and the Edomites descended from his twin brother, Esau; thus, both nations descended from their father, Isaac. There was constant conflict between these nations, and Edom rejoiced at the fall of Jerusalem (Obadiah 1). Teman, a town in the northern part of Edom, was known for its wisdom and was the hometown of Eliphaz, one of Job’s friends (Job 2). But even the wisdom of Teman could not save Edom from God’s wrath. 
Dedan was a flourishing city that supported caravan travel. God told the inhabitants to flee to the caves or they would be destroyed.
   Teman and Dedan were at opposite ends of the country, so this shows the complete destruction of Edom. Bozrah is a town in northern Edom. 
   Edom was located in a rock fortress that today is known as Petra, in southern Jordan. Edom thought it was invincible because of its location. Edom was destroyed because of its pride. Pride destroys nations as well as individuals. It deludes us into thinking that we can take care of ourselves without God’s help. Even serving God and others can lead us into pride. Take inventory of your life and service for God; ask God to point out and remove any pride you may be harboring.