Paul’s Final Instructions (Day 34)

Read Romans 16:17-27
    When we read books or listen to sermons, we should check the content of what is written or said so that we won’t be fooled by smooth talk and glowing words. Christians who study God’s Word, asking Him to reveal the truth, will not be fooled, even though superficial Christians may easily be taken in (Acts 17). 
   Timothy was a key person in the growth of the early church, traveling with Paul on his second missionary journey (Acts 16). Later Paul wrote two letters to him as he worked to strengthen the churches in Ephesus ( 1 & 2 Timothy). 
Paul exclaims that it is wonderful to be alive when the plan, God’s way of saving the Gentiles, is becoming known throughout the world. All the Old Testament prophecies were coming true, and God was using Paul as his instrument to tell this Good News. 
   As Jerusalem was the center of Jewish life, Rome was the world’s political, religious, social, and economic center. There the major governmental decisions were made, and from there the Gospel spread to the ends of the earth. The church in Rome was a cosmopolitan mixture of Jews, Gentiles, slaves, free people, men, women, Roman citizens, and world travelers; therefore, it had potential for both great influence and great conflict. 
   Paul had not yet been to Rome to meet all the Christians there, and, of course, he has not yet met us. We, too, live in a cosmopolitan setting with the entire world open to us. We also have the potential for both widespread influence and wrenching conflict. Listen carefully to Paul’s teachings about unity, service, and love so you may apply them and reach the world for Christ.