Paul’s Travel Plans (Day 32)

Read Romans 15:23-33
   Paul was referring to the completion of his work in Corinth, the city from which he most likely wrote this letter. Most of Paul’s three month stay in Achaia (Acts 20) was probably spent in Corinth. He believed that he had accomplished what God wanted him to do there, and he was looking forward to taking the Gospel to new lands west of Rome. When Paul eventually went to Rome, however, it was as a prisoner (Acts 28). Traditions says that Paul was released for a time and that he used this opportunity to carry the Gospel as far as Spain, and possibly, the British Isles. This journey is not mentioned in the book of Acts, as Acts ends with Paul under house arrest. 
   Paul’s future plan was to go to Spain because Spain was at the very western end of the civilized world. He wanted to bring Christianity there. Also, Spain had many great minds and influential leaders in the Roman world, and perhaps Paul thought Christianity would advance greatly in such an atmosphere. 
   Too often we view prayer as a time for comfort, reflection, or making our request known to God. But in verse 30, Paul urges believers to join in his struggle by means of prayer. Prayer is also a weapon in all believers’ armor as we intercede for others who join in the fight against Satan. Do your prayers reflect that urgency?