The Lord’s Reply (Day 2)

Read Habakkuk 1:5-11
   God responded to Habakkuk’s questions and concerns by stating that He would do amazing acts that would astound Habakkuk. When circumstances around us become almost unbearable, we wonder if God has forgotten us. But remember, He is in control. God has a plan and will judge evil doers in His time. If we are truly humble, we will be willing to accept God’s answers and await His timing. 
   God told the inhabitants of Jerusalem that they would be utterly amazed at what He was about to do. The people would, in fact, see a series of unbelievable events: 1) Their own independent and prosperous kingdom, Judah, would suddenly become a vassal nation; 2) Egypt, a world power for centuries, would be crushed almost overnight; 3) Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire, would be so completely ransacked that people would forget where it had been; and 4) the Babylonians would rise to power. Though these words were indeed amazing, the people saw them fulfilled during their lifetime. 
   The Babylonians, who lived northwest of the Persian Gulf, modern day Iraq made a rapid rise to power around 630 B.C. They began to assert themselves against the Assyrian Empire and by 605 B.C., had conquered Assyria and Egypt to become the strongest world power. But they were as wicked as the Assyrians, for they loved to collect prisoners, were proud of their warfare tactics, and trusted in their military strength. 
   Babylon was proud of its military might, strategies, armies, and weapons. With no regard for humanity, the armies, brought home riches, plunder, prisoners, and tribute from the nations they conquered. Such is the essence of idolatry; asking the gods we make to help us get what we want. The essence of Christianity is asking the God who made us to help us give all we can in service to Him. The goal of idolatry is self-glory; the aim of Christianity is God’s glory.