Zedekiah Calls for Jeremiah (Day 58)

Read Jeremiah 37:1-21
   King Jehoiakim died on the way to Babylon (2 Chronicles 36). His son Jehoiachin was appointed king but was taken captive to Babylon three months later. Nebuchadnezzar then appointed Zedekiah as his vassal in Judah. 
   King Zedekiah and his officials did not want to listen to Jeremiah’s words, but they wanted the blessings of his prayers. They wanted a superficial religion that wouldn’t cost anything. God is not pleased with those who come to Him seeking only what they can get rather than seeking to have a relationship with Him. We would not accept that kind of relationship with someone else, and we shouldn’t expect God to accept it from us. 
   When Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem in 589 B.C., Pharaoh Hophra marched against him at Zedekiah’s invitation. Jerusalem looked to Egypt for help in spite of Jeremiah’s warnings. But the Egyptians were of no help, for as soon as the Babylonians turned on them, they retreated. Jeremiah’s warnings had been correct. 
   Zedekiah teetered between surrender and resistance. Too frightened and weak to exercise authority, he asked Jeremiah to come secretly to the palace, perhaps hoping for some better news from God. Zedekiah was desperate. He wanted to hear a word from the Lord, but he feared political ramifications of being caught taking to Jeremiah.