Jeremiah Questions the Lord’s Judgement (Day 23)

Read Jeremiah 12:1-17
   Many people have asked, “Why are the wicked so prosperous?” Jeremiah knew that God’s justice would ultimately come, but he was impatient because he wanted justice to come quickly. God didn’t give a doctrinal answer; instead, He gave a challenge: If Jeremiah couldn’t handle this, how would he handle the injustices ahead? It is natural for us to demand fair play and cry for justice against those who take advantage of others. But when we call for justice, we must realize that we ourselves would be in big trouble if God gave each of us what we truly deserve. 
   Life was extremely difficult for Jeremiah despite his love for and obedience to God. When he called to God for relief, God’s reply in effect was, “If you think this is bad, how are you going to cope when it gets really tough?” God’s answers to prayer are not always nice or easy to handle. Any Christian who has experienced war, bereavement, or a serious illness knows this. We are to be committed to God even when the going gets tough and when our prayers for relief are not immediately answered.